Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Group (BHPS) is a physician-driven, integrated health management group. Patients can expect world-class, personalized care from leading top surgeons and providers around the US. BHPS is a membership-based medical and cosmetic care practice on a mission to continually provide our members with top-quality services at the lowest possible prices. We have locations in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, Brea, Arcadia, Palo Alto, Las Vegas, & more soon!

World Class Physicians

Top Plastic Surgeons and experts in the world

Dr. Robert Rey

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon at Beverly Hills

Dr. S. Saul Lahijani

The Top Plastic Surgeon at Beverly Hills

Dr. Payman Simoni

Honored as one of Hollywood’s top five plastic surgeon

Dr. Michael Valpani

Top Regenerative Medicine Physician

Industry News


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