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 Michael Valpiani was born in Portland Oregon on August 9th, 1951. He was the oldest of seven children in a lower-middle-income family. Interested in learning even at an early age thanks to his mother’s influence, he worked to pay his way through a private high school and through his entire educational experience. He developed an interest in the physical sciences while in high school. After 2 years in the US Army (1970-72) as a computer repairman on a nuclear weapons missile system, he returned to college at the University of Alabama, Huntsville - the home of Marshall Space Flight Center, the engineering heart of NASA, and the US Army Missile Command - where he graduated with High Honors in Physics. While at the University of Alabama, Dr. Valpiani was the recipient of several scholarships, including one from the US Naval Nuclear Power Program. After graduation he obtained a commission in the Navy, earning several honors including Highest Academic Achievement Award and Seamanship Award while at Naval Officer Candidate School. Due to a minor hearing loss, he became ineligible for the nuclear power program and returned to academia to obtain a master’s degree in Mathematics from Oregon State University. Dr. Valpiani then went to work for McDonnell Douglas Space Division and worked in mathematical decision making in Ballistic Missile Defense Systems. During the four years he was with McDonnell Douglas, he made several improvements and corrected a critical error within the ballistic missile target tracking program. During this same period, he became interested in medicine and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the University of California, Irvine. Though he quickly reached the level of Senior Engineer with the option to lead his own project, his interest in medicine prevailed. Dr. Valpiani completed his Doctor of Medicine degree at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, where he earned several awards and graduated with Honors. He then underwent a residency in Anesthesiology at the University of California, Los Angeles. After, he accepted a position in Las Vegas, Nevada, marking the start of a 30-year career in the clinical practice of medicine. During medical school, he had joined the US Army Reserves Medical Corps, and, soon after arriving in Las Vegas, he was called to active duty for Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He served his country at Fitzsimons Army Tertiary Medical Center awaiting casualties that, fortunately, never came. In 2007, he started studying pain medicine and in 2009 he passed the American Board of Pain Medicine credentialing examination and began practicing pain management. Like all physicians, Dr. Valpiani has witnessed the suffering of many patients and loved ones due to aging and age-related diseases. Until recently, there have been few treatments that significantly slow the advancement of such diseases. However, the newest frontiers in medicine and pain management have shown great promise in uncovering cures to conditions that previously we could only treat. Thus, Regenerative Medicine Technologies such as stem cells, stem cell generated exosomes, and amniotic tissue, hold a personal and professional interest for Dr. Valpiani, who began studying their potential years ago. In addition to successfully applying these technologies for his patients’ benefit, Dr. Valpiani is also committed to advancing the state of the art by, for example, participating in several FDA approved clinical trials called Investigational New Drug Studies (INDs). 


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Chief Medical Officer
National Wellness Center (a regenerative medicine company)

Co-Principle Investigator
Akin Bioscience LLC (holder of several FDA approved INDs for fat-derived stem cells) www.AkanBio.com
contact: [email protected]

Charter Board Member / Chief Physician Advisor Age Bio-Med (stem cell treatments in Panama and FDA approved fat stem cell banking) www.ABMPanama.com

Medical Consultant Ageless Biotech (a regenerative medicine company)

Medical Director
Vita Facelift, an Age Bio labs company


Sigma Pi Sigma -------- Physics Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha---Medical Honor Society Alpha Epsilon Delta----Pre-Medical Honor Society


 American Academy of Pain Medicine
Diplomate of The American Board of Pain Management American Academy of Anti-Aging American Academy of Regenerative Medicine
Age Management Medical Group