One of the latest technologically advanced treatments for pigmentation and tattoo removal.

PiQo4 Lets Skin Begin Again

PiQo4 shatters the pigments and sweeps them away using the flexibility of four wave actions. Resurfacing the skin to improve texture laxity and tone.

Getting Rid of the Past

PiQo4 is recommended for treatment of:

• Unwanted pigmentation and lesions
• Skin irregularities
• Skin resurfacing
• Facial lines and wrinkles
• Sun damage
• Skin pigmentation associated with photoaging
• Tattoo removal
• Melasma

PiQo4 brings unique technology

Pico + Nano

For doubly powerful Treatment

High Energy

For fewer treatments

Deep Reach

For deep Pigment Shattering

4 Wavelengths

For effective shattering of the most popular pigment/ink color


Untouched pictures. Individual results may vary.